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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Who’s excited with the upcoming event 2018 Winter Olympics?

Okay, that would be me! I am so excited because 2018 Winter Olympic will be hosted by PyeongChang – South Korea! The Winter Olympic will be held in Korea for the first time in 30 years after Seoul Olympic Games in 1988.

PyeongChang is located in Gangwondo Province. It’s a centre of winter sports in Korea, where visitors can experience not only exciting winter sports but also other seasonal entertainment. The 2018 Winter Olympics will feature 102 events in 15 sports.

The events are gathered around 2 main venues. The PyeongChang Mountain Cluster focused on the Alpensia Resort will host outdoor sport, while the Coastal City of Gangneung will host indoor sport.

All competition venues of Olympic Winter Games are located within 30 minutes within driving distance from PyeongChang Olympic Stadium.

Soohorang is the mascot of 2018 Winter Olympics. It’s a white tiger which has been considered as the guardian animal. Sooho means protection in Korean. And Rang, comes from the middle letter of Ho-Rang-I is Korean word for tiger.

One of the main reason why I am so excited about the PyeongChang Winter Olympic 2018, is because I've been there before. Yes, I was at PyeongChang Alpensia Resort! 

It was early summer in June 2012. Flowers everywhere! So I kept saying over and over again, "It feels like in a drama!"

I really felt like I was the main character in a drama, seriously hahaha.

So we went to Alpensia Resort,  and there was a Ski Lift. I didnt really remember, who had this crazy idea to ride the Ski Lift, because it wasn't in the schedule. 

I am sure that my face suddenly turned pale, because everybody was trying to persuade me hahaha. They make sure that everything was perfectly safe, so even though I was so scared , I decided to do it anyway.

Do we really need to do this? 
Everyone were smiling happily except one person haha

actually my scary smile was kinda cute, dont you think? hahaha
But when I thought everything was over, I was completely wrong! In the winter, after we ride the ski lift, we will go down by ski. But since it was early summer, there was no snow so we had to ride this alpine coaster to go down the mountain.

We had to ride the alpine coaster to go down the hill
Well, riding the ski lift was quite scary for me, but at least we can do it together. But I had to ride the alpine coaster alone! When they gave us instruction, how to brake, to push and to pull, I started to feel like : please take me home and let me hide under the blanket hahaha.

Finally I did it! But strangely, it wasnt as scary as I thought before. Actually I had so much fun and I couldnt stop smiling. 

I am so glad that I finally had the courage to do those things.  It was a good decision. Despite all my fear, deep in my heart I know that If I didn't do it I will regret it for the rest of my life.

It became a beautiful and heartwarming memory for me! Wonderful memories, about wonderful place with wonderful friends!

PyeongChang will always have a special place in my heart.
PyeongChang Winter Olympic 2018 hwaiting! 
You can also watch my vlog about PyeongChang Winter Olympic 2018.

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  1. I also want to go there ... take me there 😅😅😅

  2. Wooow Winter Olympics di Korea asli bikin mupeng, kayanya bakalan seru bangat nih. tolong angkut saya juga Mba Erry hehehe

  3. Kok itu si Maskot Winter Olympics kok unyu-unyu kegamisin bangat Mba Erry, tolong culik satu buat saya ya hehehehe

  4. Mba Erry saya juga kayanya takut deh naik Ski Lift itu, ngeri-ngeri gimana saya lihatnya, tapi penasaran juga sih gimana serunya. Hahahaha

  5. Whoaaa... pengen jugaaa teeehh... goodluck ya kontesnya! Semoga dikau berjodoh lagi sama Korea <3

  6. Aku juga pengen mampir ke situ, Teteh. Seret aku dong nanti! Hehe. Semangat dan semoga beruntung ya, Teh ^^

  7. Teteh videonya bagussssss.. hwaiting! ^^

  8. Wow... keren dan seru bisa merasai secara langsung Winter Olympics di korea. Pliss... seret daku ke sana juga teh...
    Semoga teteh bisa winter-an lagi di korea ya ^^

  9. Taaaake me with yooouuu�� it seemed so fun, indeed. good luck, panutanqu!

  10. Mau ikut teeehhh klo menang.. gw juga mw ikutan kontes fotonya ahh.. belom tutup kan yah? ��

  11. Goodluck teteh! Semoga menang & bisa ke korea lagi~ kami siap menanti oleh-oleh kisah menarik dari negeri calon mertua hahahaha.

  12. Waah bakalan ke Korea lagi nih bibiii. Sukses yaaah 😘😘

  13. Wow.. good luck teteh sayang. Moga dirimu terpilih untuk ke Korea lagi yaaa, trus bawain kita oleh2 cerita komplitnya, wajib tulis di blog ! Nah lho. Hahaha...

  14. good luck teteh !! .. semoga berangkat,pengen ngikut gpp akunya dimasukin ke koper juga lah haha

  15. What a cute mascot! That ski lift! If I were you, I would also scared half to death to ride it haha. Hopefully you can feel the winter in Korea again. ��

  16. Semoga jadi pergi ya tehh, gutlak lah pokoknya mah.

  17. Wahhh kerennn... Smoga teteh kesana lagi.. Aku iri.... Tpi aku senang kok teh 😁 😁 Semangaaaatt!!!

  18. Wahhh kerennn... Smoga teteh kesana lagi.. Aku iri.... Tpi aku senang kok teh 😁 😁 Semangaaaatt!!!

  19. Kami doakan sukses dan terkabul ya Sis. Kerennn!!

  20. good luck teh erry! semoga bisa cus lagi ke sana ^^

  21. Kalo pergi lagi ikutt dongsss Tehhh...